The quality of service is determined to an essential part by the personality of the consultant himself. For this reason I would like to introduce myself to you.

In previous jobs I worked as trainer, coach, designer, developer, producer, speaker, project manager, relationship manager and interim manager.

My industry knowledge includes financial services, IT and HR, charity organizations and media. I always have an open mind for new stuff and consider myself a fast learner.

I can communicate in German, English, French, Spanish and Frankonian. My values, attitudes and view are influenced from long-term worldwide business relationships particularly with the US, Great Britain, the Scandinavian countries and the Middle East in an international manner.

In my leisure I am sailing close to the wind or submerge in the depths of the seas. I also like "screwing" on synthetic sound scapes and get enthusiastic about the performing arts.

I unite knowledge with experience, analytical capabilites with intuition and conceptional strength with instinct and diplomacy. The whole thing enriched with broad but still profound knowledge of common IT environments.

VoilĂ , dinner is served!

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